Costs & procedure

As eBooks and their topics vary in their complexity and our clients have different expectations concerning the final product, we suggest you contact us directly and we discuss your project individually. This way, we will be able to give you a professional and reliable quote made to measure for you.
The price we charge for your final eBook is calculated on a "per page" basis. This means, that the agreed price per page multiplied by the pages with text equals the overall cost. We only charge for pages with 75% text or more. This means pages with pictures only or less than 25% text are not charged. Furthermore, interviews, cover, table of contents and placeholders are also free of charge.
The price per page and the approximate number of pages will be discussed before we start working. This ensures that you will have certainty about the overall costs before you give the final go for the project. Prices per page vary slightly as they depend on the amount of work (i.e. research and workload) required for the final result.